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  • Alan Paterson

    Alan Paterson Feb. 3, 2006, 8:30 a.m. (Message 44069)

    Re: Celtic Reels

    On 03/02/2006 06:05, Emily Gerrie wrote:
    > Hi everyone,
    > I'm interested in teaching celtic reels in the coming weeks, but I 
    > haven't been too successful in finding dances with them.  I know of 'The 
    > Celtic Reel' by Barry Skelton in his Celtic book (which may have been 
    > their first appearance, though I'm not too sure of that) but I don't 
    > have the original instructions.  Does anyone know of others (and where I 
    > might be able to find them)?
    > Thanks,
    > Emily Gerrie
    Try using DanceData. There you will discover:
    Bonavista by Georgina Finlay (instructions sent privately)
    Ceiltich Crois by Duncan Keppie
    The Celtic Line by Eddy West 
    Celtic Square by Brian Charlton (Hi Brian)
    Celtic Wedding by Eddy West
    Vice Versa by Eddy West
    Interestingly, I don't have Barry Skelton's dance with this formation. 
    Can anyone help ME out with the instructions?

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