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  • Brian Charlton

    Brian Charlton Feb. 3, 2006, 1:41 a.m. (Message 44064)

    Re: Eccles Rant - No Answers?

    Dear Chris,
    No replies? I couldn't let no-one make comment (but now I see Martin
    Sheffield has).
    Remember that the 18th Century Book was produced (I understand) by the
    'opposition' of the Society - Jack McConachie was not connected to the
    RSCDS, so his interpretations of the Young Manuscript tend to be different
    to what the RSCDS might have produced.
    My personal preference would be to complete the 'petronella' tunr as
    described, i.e facing your partner. There is plenty of time to cast as it is
    a strathspey.
    I would suggest that the stepping-up would be McConachie's preference and
    not mentioned in the original MS.
    The diagram in the book shows that the 1st couple retain nearer hands before
    the circle.
    Note that the tune is given as "Eccles' Rant", so maybe it was named for a
    person named Eccles, though it would be well before Spike Milligan was born!
    I don't think anyone will be worried how you interpret the dance. If I were
    teaching it, I would stick closely to the description in the book, then I
    have the fall-back to queries "it's in the book".
    Brian Charlton,
    Sydney, Australia.
    On 2/2/06, <> wrote:
    > Dear Strathspey list,
    > I've not received even one reply - on or off list - to my queries  (below)
    > about this dance.  I think this may be a first for the strathspey  list,
    > which
    > usually delivers an almost instantaneous reply on  just about
    > anything.  Does
    > it mean that no-one has done this dance for  a long time, if ever?   I
    > assume
    > it must have been somewhat popular at  some time, for it can be found in
    > the
    > Wee Green Book.  Or would that be a  rash assumption?
    > I'm going to try the dance anyway... and I'm quite expecting  to find out
    > why
    > no-one has done it for a long time!
    > Chris, New York.
    > "I've  been reading the instructions for Eccles' Rant in the 18th Century
    > Book, and am planning to teach it soon.  I wonder if there's anyone  out
    > there who
    > knows the dance and could answer a few  questions.
    > 1. Would you face out on bar 8 (ready to cast), or  would  you complete
    > the
    > Petronella turn, and then begin to cast on  bar 9?
    > 2. The instructions specify that second couple move up on bars 11  to  12.
    > But, if the aim is to be helpful to first couple, they  should
    > rather  step
    > up on
    > bars 9 to 10 while first couple are casting  to second place.   Any
    > comments
    > on that?
    > 3. As first couple,  would you retain nearer hands on bar 16, ready
    > for  the
    > circle with  the second couple.  (It would seem a bit unnatural  to break
    > hands
    > only to rejoin a moment later.)
    > 4. Can anyone comment on the origin of  the name, which is also the name
    > of
    > the lead tune, besides the fact  that Eccles is a town near Manchester,
    > best
    > known for its Eccles  cakes."
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