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  • Chris1Ronald

    Chris1Ronald Jan. 31, 2006, 11:57 p.m. (Message 44009)

    Eccles' Rant

    I've been reading the instructions for Eccles' Rant in the 18th Century  
    Book, and am planning to teach it soon.  I wonder if there's anyone out  there who 
    knows the dance and could answer a few questions.
    1. Would you face out on bar 8 (ready to cast), or would  you complete the 
    Petronella turn, and then begin to cast on bar 9? 
    2. The instructions specify that second couple move up on bars 11 to  12.  
    But, if the aim is to be helpful to first couple, they should rather  step up on 
    bars 9 to 10 while first couple are casting to second place.   Any comments 
    on that?
    3. As first couple, would you retain nearer hands on bar 16, ready for  the 
    circle with the second couple.  (It would seem a bit unnatural  to break hands 
    only to rejoin a moment later.)
    4. Can anyone comment on the origin of the name, which is also the name of  
    the lead tune, besides the fact that Eccles is a town near Manchester, best  
    known for its Eccles cakes.
    Chris, New York.  

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