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  • S. K. Graham

    S. K. Graham Jan. 31, 2006, 10:16 p.m. (Message 44008)

    Re: Scottish Country Dancing VS Scottish Folk Dancing

    On my latest dance trip to Little Rock, AK my bag was searched.
    Because I had a "replica weapon".
    It was a kilt pin with the sword/shield/clan crest so common here in
    America.  (I don't know if the Scots actually use those style pins.)  It is
    made of pewter, and the pin to attach it to the kilt is significantly more
    dangerous than the sword part.
    And the person doing the search had to ask two different supervisors if they
    would have to confiscate it.  (They decided not to.)
    Simply amazing.  (Good thing I didn't have my Sign Dubh with me.)
    Keith Graham
    Atlanta, GA

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