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  • Pia Walker

    Pia Walker Nov. 8, 2001, 11:01 p.m. (Message 28078)

    Re: What happened?

    I was sitting thinking about whether progress had been made, and for some
    reason my thoughts went to Darwin, dinosaurs and what happens when your
    off-spring looks different from you.
    Darwin had theories on evolution.
    Dinosaurs didn't - and look what happened to them
    and just imagine what Mr and Mr Neanderthal and their social circle would
    have said if their son/daugther one day in the supermarket managed to reach
    the top shelf without trouble? - they would have been horrified of such a
    strange creature.:>)
    You can read into this what you want, but yes I think progress was made -
    enough so we won't become extinct this ice-age, but not enough to reach the
    top shelf of the supermarket yet.
    Who still wants people out there to acknowledge the HQ members, by letting
    them have a say.
    and whose brain has been on standstill since Sunday and whose backside is
    now just about alive again. :>)
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    From: Stewart Cunningham <>
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    Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 3:20 AM
    Subject: Re: What happened?
    > Someone asked me whether progress had been made. Although I accept that
    > depends on your perspective, my answer was "yes" although it is slow.
    > As I see it the important change that has occurred is in the speed with
    > decisions may be made. Under the old structure they could only be made at
    > Executive Committee meetings that were held just twice a year. Under the
    > structure (that won't come into effect until after the November 2002 AGM)
    a new
    > Management Board will be created that will be able to meet much more
    > will not be so unwieldy (although 23 is still a large number) and will
    > be able to make quicker and better decisions.
    > Have I got this right?
    > Stewart

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