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  • ron.mackey

    ron.mackey Nov. 7, 2001, 12:37 p.m. (Message 28071)

    Re: The Cooper's Wife

    > I, like Marian Stroh, am eagerly awaiting the resolution of the mystery of 
    > Ian Brown of Harrogate's «The Cooper's Wife».  My class has been dancing Wee 
    > Cooper for years, and if there is such a companion dance, I'd likewise be 
    > most happy to have the instructions.
    > Robb Quint
    > Thousand Oaks, California, USA
    	Hi Robb,
    		Herewith the instructions. They are only in my teaching note form 
    so if you have any difficulty, give me a bell.
    THE 	COOPER'S WIFE                                                 by
    John Mitchell
          Whetherly Book No.16 - N666-3
     1-10	1s cast off one pl.   They  dance a fig.8 around 2s & FF C1s
    11-20	1s pass RH with C1s   & dance 1/2 way c/w round the set    while
     C1s turn LH  1-1/2 times;     1s pass RH with C1s  &    turn LH to FF
    21-30	1s & C2s repeat 11-20.   1s FF 3rd Corner position. 
    31-40	1s dance 1/2 R4 with C1s (RSh start)  & pass RSh to  FF 4th C
     1s dance 1/2 R4 with C2s.   1s turn LH to fin. in 2nd own.
    	By the way, to me C1 means Corner 1.  1s means first couple.
    Happy Dancing
    Cheers  :)
    Ron Mackey.  London Branch

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