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  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith Nov. 7, 2001, 9:42 a.m. (Message 28068)

    Re: What happened?

    Jim was too modest to report on the social functions: they were most
    enjoyable, and an exciting experience for a first-time attendee. Over 500
    dancers on the floor (probably a conservative estimate) at times, and superb
    acoustics inside the splendid dome of the Bells sports centre.
    Both bands, David Cunningham for the Friday ball, and the Colin Dewar
    Quartet for Saturday's dance, gave us amazingly danceable music. The only
    criticism would be the supper facilities, and the time the third sitting had
    to wait, but it was a good supper, and it gave one the chance to socialise.
    It wasn't feeding the 5,000, but I bet the catering staff felt as if they
    had been.
    The crib (or "cheat", as I think some call them) booklets were handily
    sporran/evening bag sized and very welcome, and will make a souvenir of a
    memorable weekend.
    Thank you, Perth Branch.
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    Subject: Re: What happened?
    > Greetings!
    > The headline version of the AGM, as requested.
    > 1. Audit of accounts (financial statements) had not been completed so they
    > couldn't be approved.
    > 2. Elections - all unopposed except six to Executive who are:
    > Dorothy Hamilton
    > Andrew Kellett
    > Alistair Reid
    > Margaret Ross
    > Pauline Stewart
    > David Watson
    > 3. Fees - increase to GBP 10 approved (GBP 15 tossed out and GBP 12
    > withdrawn)
    > 4. New 23 member Management Board to be elected at next year's AGM (Option
    > 1) approved by a large majority
    > 5. Bristol motion for one member one vote (Option 3) was defeated by a
    > margin of about 3 to 1.
    > 6. Edinburgh motion to put it all off to next year was defeated
    > 7. Proposal to set up "Friends of the RSCDS" was defeated.
    > The meeting ended at 6:50 pm having started at 2:30 and was technically an
    > adjournment as a re-convened meeting will be needed to approve the
    > when they are available.
    > There were also some social functions but I was far too involved in those
    > be able to report on them.
    > Jim Healy
    > Perth, Scotland
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