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  • Oberdan Otto

    Oberdan Otto Nov. 6, 2001, 11:07 p.m. (Message 28063)

    RE: lead up - which hand?

    >My experience in 12 years of Scottish dancing has been akin to the first
    >situation ("it's always this way"); that is, the lead in SCD today is RHJ
    >unless otherwise indicated in the instructions.  I don't know the rationale
    >behind this decision.
    ditto, except >12 years.
    Some may think this an odd point-of-view for an SCD Teacher, but I 
    treat my dancers as intelligent adults capable of independent 
    thought. I try to provide background, some insight, suggestions, 
    skills practice, etc., but in the final analysis, the subtleties in 
    the "how" of dancing they have to feel for themselves. That also 
    includes real-time decisions on what hand to used in a particular 
    circumstance. I don't baby my dancers. If it is truly a "don't care" 
    situation, we will go over the alternatives and the dancers choose 
    the one they like the best. If a dance or formation stipulates that a 
    particular hand be used then they will be so informed, but they also 
    know that they are responsible for their own choices on the dance 
    If one needs rules, I find the best "rules" have natural 
    consequences.  For example, if a particular handing feels awkward or 
    sends one or both dancers in the wrong direction, it was probably the 
    wrong hand!
    Cheers, Oberdan.
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