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  • John Fenningworth

    John Fenningworth Nov. 6, 2001, 8:52 p.m. (Message 28059)

    RE: What happened?

    No the Society which is a registered charity since the 1950s and whose
    members are supposedly more interested in what they can do for the
    charity than what their memberships gives them as members has taken some
    very important steps towards a far more responsive and reactive
    The Society will in the next year or so create a far more streamlined
    management and as a result hopefully an organisation, that can better
    meet the challenges that face the Society in the years ahead which also
    should save the Society money
    And although the subscription increase was lower than the Finance
    Committee would have liked at least it is an increase towards the level
    it should be
    I believe that next year we should be asking for more yet again
    As a final remark as a Scot I would say to all those "members" who
    aren't really interest then leave the Society now and save the Society a
    fortune in producing things in which you are not really interested
    And to all real true members pay your subscriptions direct to HQ and
    make things even better
    If the Branches want non Society members then they can have them if they
    only knew how and it's really quite simple but you have to work it out
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    From: Lara Friedman-Shedlov [] 
    Sent: 05 November 2001 21:58
    Subject: Re: What happened?
    So does this basically mean that the only major change from the average 
    branch member's point of view is that there will an increase in the 
    dues sent to Scotland?  I.e., there will continue to be one level of 
    membership, and that all those who are members through a branch (as 
    opposed to members through headquarters) will continue to be serviced 
    via the branch?
    I'll certainly be interested to hear more details when someone has time 
    to provide them, but from everything I heard up until now, it seems to 
    me that increasing dues by GBP 2 isn't really going to solve the 
    financial problems faced by the Society.  Are we going to end up having 
    another round of proposals next year?
    --Lara Friedman-Shedlov
    Minneapolis, MN  USA
    Lara Friedman-Shedlov
    Quoting Jim Healy <>:
    > 3. Fees - increase to GBP 10 approved (GBP 15 tossed out and GBP 12
    > withdrawn)
    > 4. New 23 member Management Board to be elected at next year's AGM
    > (Option
    > 1) approved by a large majority
    > 5. Bristol motion for one member one vote (Option 3) was defeated by
    > a
    > margin of about 3 to 1.
    > 6. Edinburgh motion to put it all off to next year was defeated
    > 7. Proposal to set up "Friends of the RSCDS" was defeated.

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