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  • Patricia Ruggiero

    Patricia Ruggiero Nov. 6, 2001, 3:44 a.m. (Message 28053)

    RE: Lead up - which hand?

    About the hands in the "reverence" Adam wrote: "Possibly you can interpret
    the Arbeau's picture of a reverence in that way, but they could easily have
    changed hand hold specifically for the reverence..."
    Quite so, but I cited the picture of the "reverence" because that's the only
    one that shows a couple (all the rest are of the man demonstrating the
    various steps);  in it the nearer hands are joined, but I can't tell the
    orientation of the hands, as per Rosemary's comment.  Several other pictures
    show our man holding a woman's disembodied hand; I think it's obvious that
    they also are nearer hands, but in these the orientation is ambiguous.  In
    the "pied joints" I could almost make a case that both palms face downward.
    In the "pied largis oblique" (both right and left), I'm more confident that
    his palm faces upward and hers downward.  Charming little drawings.
    I didn't mean to suggest that because Arbeau's book shows hands joined in a
    certain way for a certain figure over 350 years ago, SCD today should follow
    suit.  My post was mainly a rejoinder to Rosemary's comments about
    historical dance, meant mostly to express my surprise at discovering that
    possibly *in those days* both palms faced downward -- a point about which I
    don't recall ever hearing or reading.
    Maybe we could revive the "Scottish Branle".......(just kidding!)

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