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  • Dianna Shipman

    Dianna Shipman Nov. 5, 2001, 8:51 p.m. (Message 28050)

    Re: Wee Cooper of Fife

    Kardinia Capers CD has a very nice version and I don't recall any problem
    with the 10 bar phrases in it - I love that CD - is also has Spiffin - a
    great version of Red House (6x40 version) - and several demo tracks.
    Houston, TX
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    From: "Ian Brown" <>
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    Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 1:08 PM
    Subject: Re: Wee Cooper of Fife
    | Together with a few friends, I've just tried out the dance "The Cooper's
    | Wife". We had great fun, so many thanks to those who wrote
    | about the dance and encouraged us to try it. Thanks also to the person who
    | sent me the instructions - I was so glad to have them because the book,
    | though ordered, has yet to arrive.
    | We found it a challenge to dance in the ten bar phrases and everyone was
    | seen to be counting. In fact one of the dancers, a teacher, decided it was
    | great dance precisely because it would require his pupils to count!
    | I did feel, however, that we could have used a bit more support from the
    | music that we played. After the first tune, which was the Wee Cooper , it
    | became much more difficult to hear the ten bar phrases. Does anyone have a
    | favourite CD they would care to recommend for this, or any other solution?
    | Ian Brown,
    | Harrogate

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