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  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes Nov. 5, 2001, 1:19 p.m. (Message 28042)

    Re: Lead up - which hand?

    Hi Pat,
    I'm not entirely convinced that Arbeau is a good manual for SCD... :) 
    One of the definite changes over the 350 years between Arbeau and the
    RSCDS is the move from holding hands at hip level to holding hands at
    shoulder level (the W shape we all love).
    But, I agree with the point.  You can look to historical sources all you
    like, but the details were not written down (in any of the ones I am
    familiar with).  Possibly you can interpret the Arbeau's picture of a
    reverence in that way, but they could easily have changed hand hold
    specifically for the reverence, although Arbeau would most likely have
    mentioned that.
    We dance the way we dance because of peer pressure in the present.  SCD
    is a tradition, and tradition is about passing information from person
    to person.  A tradition is living, and to say we should do something
    different because that is how it used to be done, is to miss that
    point.  The tradition evolves, or it stagnates.
    We dance now, not in the past.
    Cambridge, UK.

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