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  • Rudge, Janet

    Rudge, Janet Oct. 30, 2001, 2:47 p.m. (Message 27994)

    RE: MackPherson's Jig

    Malcolm wrote:
    > Pilling says that during bars 21 - 24 the three couples turn Left hand.
    > My typewritten instructions say turn Right hand.
    > Is there anyone out there with the proper published instructions who can
    > me know which is correct?
    My typed version (not sure where it originates) also says turn right hand.
    However I think bars 17-20 may be different between the 2 versions as well.
    These are the instructions I have for bars 17-24:
      17-20 1st couple cross giving left hands and dance out, 1st lady between
            3rd couple and 1st man between 2nd couple, and cast up to 1st place.
      21-24 All turn partner right hand once round.  1st and 3rd couples finish 
            facing each other.
    This makes sense because -
    (a) if the first couple CROSS before dancing out through the standing
    then this repeats the crossing movement of the first 4 bars of the dance, 
    which is quite likely,
    (b) all 3 couples are dancing an equal turn enabling them to cover
    with each other, which would also appear to be more likely.
    Agnes Macmichael was trying to find the answer to the same question about
    6 months ago .... Did you find a definitive set of instructions for the
    dance, Agnes?
    Best regards,
    Beaconsfield, UK
    RSCDS London Branch

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