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  • Alan Twhigg

    Alan Twhigg Oct. 23, 2001, 7:15 p.m. (Message 27958)

    Re: Red House (was Re: Loch Leven Castle)

    I've always danced the 40-bar version, as published by the RSCDS -
    locally the tune is usually played ABBCC so that the tune parts
    correspond to the repetitions in the dance structure. How does the
    32-bar version work? I haven't encountered it.
    -Alan Twhigg.
    (San Francisco Branch)
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    From: Adam Hughes <xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx>
    Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 17:29:28 +0100
    Subject: Re: Red House (was Re: Loch Leven Castle)
    Brian Charlton wrote:
    > Of course, Red House is a flawed dance as well. Musically I am told it
    > should be 48 bars and the English Country Dance version has that form.
    > Not that the flaw destroys the pleasure of doing Red House in the (flawed)
    > SCD form.
    Having danced both, I consider the 32 bar SCD form to be the perfected
    version, the dance having been created flawed and then recorded in the
    1695 Playford publication.  Musicians may disagree, but eight bars to
    "meet, sett and cast off into the 2. cu place", and then eight bars to
    "meet, sett again and cast back", is just too much time for me.
    Am I right in thinking the the Scottish version is played ABCC?
    Cambridge UK.

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