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  • James R. Ferguson

    James R. Ferguson Oct. 23, 2001, 3:45 p.m. (Message 27956)

    Wonderful week-end

    Jim and I just arrived home from the RSCDS Atlanta Branch Workshop and
    Gala.  What a great combination of events!  We enjoyed our classes
    with Bill Zobel who did an excellent job,  danced to amazingly
    beautiful music by Muriel Johnstone, were welcomed with open arms by
    the fine folks at the branch, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
    That was followed up by entertainment at a Scottish Evening on
    Saturday by Alex Beaton and Alistair Frazer.  The music, of course,
    was truly delightful, and if you've never seen the two of them
    together when they decide to be hilarious, you don't know what you're
    Music for the dancing on Saturday was provided by Host of the Air,
    with Susie Petrov on piano, Laura Risk and another fine fiddler
    (someone please provide her name) making up a vibrant and enthusiastic
    The Stone Mountain Games lived up to its reputation as "the friendly
    games."  All in all a wonderful time with old friends revisited and
    new ones happily found.  Thank you, Atlanta!

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