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  • Doug Mills

    Doug Mills Oct. 22, 2001, 10:32 p.m. (Message 27953)

    Re: Loch Leven Castle

    M Sheffield wrote:
    > This is what I call a flawed dance, with unsatisfactory transitions and
    > nothing particular to recommend it.
    > Why does anyone in the RSCDS bother to teach it, when there are so many
    > other interesting choreographies to be tried?
    Not all dances are created perfect (except, and I know Martin will agree, maybe
    Red House), but I put Loch Levan Castle in the "challanging" category.
    LLC is not some frightening 224 bar memory test, nor is it a "follow your nose"
    type dance, but just because it requires a bit of thought and technique does
    not make it a bad dance.  Most of us really enjoy Cadgers even though the man
    has an awkward entry to the 2nd reel, no matter which shoulder he pulls back,
    so difficult changes of direction need not diminish a dances popularity.
    Perhaps you wouldn't put it LLC a Social program, but I have taught it to
    Advanced classes and they generally enjoy the challange of overcoming it's
    Anyway, the music is great, especially if you can get the old Tim Wright (I
    think) recording.
    Doug Mills
    Christchurch NZ

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