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  • Norah Link

    Norah Link Oct. 18, 2001, 7:21 p.m. (Message 27935)

    RE: Loch Leven Castle

    > I think the biggest reason that people want to teach and 
    > dance it is the
    > music!  Somehow the inconveniences of the choreography seem worth it.
    > Perhaps someone should write a different dance to the same music?
    I absolutely agree.  Our branch has tried this dance a few times, and almost
    everyone simply found it hard slogging without enough of a payoff.  I know
    that when I was the one who selected it, it was for the music.
    So, this week I am planning to teach Netherby Hall.  I don't have a
    recording of the recommended tunes (at least not in anything x32, and not in
    AABB as John Drewry suggests) - so have been looking for a suitable
    alternate recording.  Last night I pulled out Loch Leven Castle and listened
    to it:  appropriately dark and textured, and AABB!  I have it on my
    programme for tomorrow night - will let you know what the class thinks of
    Norah Link (Montreal, QC)

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