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  • Loren Wright

    Loren Wright Oct. 18, 2001, 4:46 p.m. (Message 27929)

    Re: Loch Leven Castle

    > Then, after a 2 couple promenade, the men have to change places in 2 bars,
    > while the ladies ... smile, hop up & down on the spot, wait patiently for
    > their lord & master to return, or stifle a yawn?
    I don't think this is any worse for the women than the itsy bitsy steps that
    men regularly have to execute in promenades, allemandes, and knots.
    > This is what I call a flawed dance, with unsatisfactory transitions and
    > nothing particular to recommend it.
    > Why does anyone in the RSCDS bother to teach it, when there are so many
    > other interesting choreographies to be tried?
    I think the biggest reason that people want to teach and dance it is the
    music!  Somehow the inconveniences of the choreography seem worth it.
    Perhaps someone should write a different dance to the same music?
    Loren Wright
    Nashua, NH

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