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  • Brian Charlton

    Brian Charlton Oct. 18, 2001, 12:42 a.m. (Message 27919)

    RE: Help with The Monifieth Star

    G'Day again,
    I would have 1st lady give left shoulder to 2nd man, as implied by the
    Brian Charlton,
    Sydney, Australia
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    From: Tim Harrison []
    Sent: Wednesday, 17 October 2001 9:18 AM
    Subject: RE: Help with The Monifieth Star
    OK, I understand that in bar 9, 1M gives right shoulder to 2W to begin the
    But, in bar 25, 1W gives ??? shoulder to ???.
    -- Tim Harrison
    -- Austin, Texas
    At 06:02 PM 10/16/01, you wrote:
    >The diagram in my copy of MMMII shows the man between the two ladies and
    >diagram appears after bars 1-8. This means, to me, modifying the circle so
    >that 1st lady finishes on the left of her partner towards the men's side of
    >the dance. I also interpret this to be why the word 'now' appears in the
    >description of bars 17-24 where the 1st man has to finish the hands round
    >and back towards the ladies' side of the dance.
    >This does work! 1st lady is moving in the right direction to join the reel
    >in bars 1-8 and the 1st man in 17-24.
    >Brian Charlton,
    >Sydney, Australia.
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    >From: Tim Harrison []
    >Sent: Wednesday, 17 October 2001 7:58 AM
    >Subject: Help with The Monifieth Star
    >I'd appreciate some help with bars 9-16 and 25-32 of
    >        The Monifieth Star
    >Miss Milligan's Miscellany, p. 34.
    >1st and 2nd couples are in original positions in bars 1 and 17..
    >bars 1-8 1W, 1M and 2W circle three hands round and back,
    >        they "finish in a diagonal line ready for a reel of three."
    >bars 9-16 reel of three
    >bars 17-24 1W, 1M, and 2W circle three hands round and back
    >        "now 1st lady is in the middle to begin the reel with 2nd man."
    >bars 25-32 reel of three
    >>From the statement about where the 1W is at the end of bar 24, I assume
    >1M is in the middle at the end of bar 8, because it looks like the
    >implies that she was not in the middle at the end of bar 8.
    >For the 1st reel (9-16), to begin the reel, does 1M give right shoulder to
    >2W *or* left shoulder to partner *or* other?
    >For the 2nd reel (25-32), to begin the reel ,does 1W give left shoulder to
    >2M  *or* right shoulder to partner *or* other?
    >-- Tim Harrison
    >-- Austin, TX

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