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  • Stella Fogg

    Stella Fogg Oct. 16, 2001, 3:37 p.m. (Message 27901)

    Dance addition

    Recently I posted an invitation to join the Richmond Scottish Dancers at the
    annual Celtic Festival and Highland Games. In light of what happened on
    September 11, we have decided to include a dance not listed on our program
    and which the devisor, Betty Lee Barnes has kindly given permission to be
    printed on Strathspey. The dance is "Oh My America!" and we will dance it to
    a wonderful set of traditional American patriotic tunes arranged by David
    Wiesler with a four bar introduction to "The Stars and Stripes". Bow and
    curtsey on the 3rd and 4th bar. With David's dazzling keyboard skills and
    our other David's (Knight) exciting and stirring fiddling, this should be a
    real highlight of the program.
    Since the "aide memoirs"  have already been distributed and I know most
    dancers will want to take part in this dance, this is the best way to spread
    the information. I will add a page to the dance booklets available on the
    day so come early and pick up your booklet.
    Stella Fogg
    Richmond, VA
    Oh My America! 88 bar reel for 4 couples in a square set
    1-8 All turn partner 4 bars right hand, turn corner 4 bars left hand
    9-16 1st and 3rd couples change places in center of set with
            facing person right hand (2 bars), meld into 4 hands
            once round, change back to place right hand
    17-24 2nd and 4th couples repeat
    25-32 1st and 3rd couples right hands across, left hands back,
                while 2nd and 4th couples cast to meet)  2nd lady and
                4th man, 4th lady and 2nd man), turn once round right
                hand, dance back to place
    33-40 reverse above roles
    41-48   corners dance around each other left shoulders (skip
                change; same pattern as back to back but facing each
                other), then partners dance round each other right
                shoulder, finishing ladies facing out, men in, in
                original positions
    49-64 Schiehallion reels  (man dances straight into the position
              of  the lady of the couple on his right, lady dances a half
               circle into her partner's position (2 bars), then  man
               dances half circle into adjoining man's position while
               his partner follows his track of the previous 2 bars;
               Repeat these four bars back to original positions
    65-68 1st couple turns right hands
    69-72 1st couple turns left hands, 2nd couple turns right hands,
               both couples finishing in promenade position facing
               clockwise around set (ladies on their partner's right)
    73-76 1st and 2nd couples (2nd couple leading) promenade round
               outside of set while 3rd couple turns right hands
    77-80 1st and 2nd couples continue promenade to finish in places,
               3rd couple turn left hands, 4th couple turn right hands
    81-88 8 hands round and back

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