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  • Ken McFarland

    Ken McFarland Oct. 15, 2001, 8:16 p.m. (Message 27895)

    Re: Men dancing as ladies

    >From: Kirk wrote:
    >...have pity for the males who seldom get the practice and  therefore 
    >provide comic relief when the  imbalance shifts and they >dance women's 
    One of the best reasons for men to at least consider dancing
    with each other once in a while, is to avoid these episodes of
    comic relief, unless someone has a great desire to look like a fool.
    When teaching an intermediate or advanced class in the past, at some point 
    in the course, I would have the entire set change sides, so that
    everyone was doing the dance from the other side. The learning at those 
    times is quicker and of different issues. I saw how the men had increased 
    awareness of the need to give a good leading hand or arm hold, and how the 
    women learned how important it was for them to offer a strong leading hold 
    when they were leading. Infact, all movements that involved 'leading' 
    improved after that class lesson was taught. (For example, allemande has an 
    option for leading, whereas rights and lefts do not, so there was less 
    After this lesson I noticed an improvement in the responsiveness (or 
    connectedness) between the two dancers. As a class they all knew the 
    geography of the set better. In some cases I even saw an improvement in 
    covering in reels. And after I had introduced all of them to the idea that 
    they could benefit as a group and as individuals from learning the other 
    side of the dance, they would occasionally choose to do so on their own. Our 
    episodes of comic relief diminished though...
    Ken McFarland
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