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  • Norah Link

    Norah Link Oct. 15, 2001, 3:41 p.m. (Message 27890)

    RE: Men dancing as ladies

    There is one couple in our Branch who occasionally when dancing together
    will dance on opposite sides - in a class, when in an experienced set.  It
    gives them both practice and a challenge.  
    I must say, the first time I encountered this was in candidate class.  Both
    then, and in the regular class, the dancers didn't ask permission - they
    just did it.  As a teacher, it's an interesting experience to discover when
    you first notice it and have to figure out whether it is deliberate or a
    mistake. (Candidates aren't above playing tricks to mimic a mistake for
    their classmate, although it is usually confined to step practice.  And
    classes aren't above playing tricks on their teachers!)
    Norah (Montreal, QC)

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