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  • Pia Walker

    Pia Walker Oct. 14, 2001, 12:39 p.m. (Message 27886)

    Re: Malcolm's Vision

    As many of you already know, I have a scottish husband, who doesn't dance
    SCD - the reason being, that in his primary school years, at PE time, a
    certain PE-teacher, line the boys up along one side of the hall, and the
    girls along the other side of the hall, and then asked the boys to select a
    partner - and my husband, always ended up with 'larger than life-Louise' -
    my dear husband now only dances at weddings and ceidlidhs -while I now dance
    with his former PE-teacher - a source of constant amusement in this family.
    We used to have the same approach in my ball-room dancing classes when I was
    a kid on the  first day of dancing of the new term - and the chosen one was
    the one you danced with that year or more.  Well, as you can imagine - a lot
    of politicking when on prior to the first day of dancing - between parents
    (read mothers) - and very proud was my mama when the best dancer of the boys
    came and bowed to me - only to be told my myself, that I had already
    selected my partner - a girl!   I don't think my mother or this boy spoke to
    me for days :>)
    It just goes to show - dance doesn't change.  If pre-booking is a problem,
    why not introduce a version of ladies choice, or a stranger's choice - where
    you have to dance with someone you don't know - you might even enjoy it. :>)
    > Hi,
    > Following Malcolm's letter and the humorous letters re certain
    > Australian gentlemen a connection was made in my memory.
    >   I wish to assure my readers that there is no ill intent in this
    > story and it is absolutely true !!
    > In the very early 50's I used to attend a local church club where we
    > played table-tennis and did a little social dancing. In fact it is
    > the place where, on a certain Friday, I did my first SCD. However,
    > one of the regular attenders was a very nice, quiet, well-mannered
    > Irishman who dropped a bombshell one night when he announced that he
    > was moving out to Australia to work on the railway.
    > He went, and after about nine months we got our first letter from
    > him. He explained that after about three months training he had been
    > sent out to a small town where he had spent some time settling in.
    > Just prior to writing the letter he felt he knew the ropes well
    > enough to attend the fortnightly dance.   He described the hall as
    > having cloakrooms on either side of the entry, beyond those was a
    > kitchen on one side and a bar on the other both opening into the main
    > hall. The band was at the far end and the ladies sat in a row at that
    > end while the men lined up near the bar with their pints close to
    > hand. When the next dance was announced, all the men marched down the
    > room and claimed a partner.
    >    After watching for a while and having caused some consternation by
    > asking for a half pint of beer ( ! ) he thought he would take the
    > plunge.  He selected a lady who seemed a nice dancer (he was very
    > good) he had his first dance and then escorted the lady back to her
    > seat, said 'thank you' and turned to rejoin the men.
    > What an error.   The thing to do was to abandon your partner on
    > the last chord and head back to the important part of the evening -
    > the beer. All the men were standing with their jaws dropped and eyes
    > popping and beer half way hoisted while he red-facedly made his
    > lonely way back up the hall.
    > As he said, in the language of the day, 'they must have thought I
    > was some kind of poofter!'
    >    Ring any bells Mates? :)
    > I'm sure it is the kind of thing that never happened at SCD dances
    > there or anywhere else?  Or will someone prove me wrong?? :)
    > Cheers,  Ron   :)
    >  < 0   Ron Mackey,(Purveyor of Pat's Party Pieces)
    >   'O>  Mottingham,
    >   /#\  London. UK.
    >    l>

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