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  • SnowshoeTS

    SnowshoeTS Oct. 14, 2001, 5:28 a.m. (Message 27882)

    Re: Pre-Booking

    In Minnesota  SCD (and also in most local folk-dance circles ) it is not 
    considered either unreasonable or unmanly for  a male to dance on the 
    "women's" side especially to fill out a set. The first time Idid so the only 
    problem was with the allemand-Iam 6'2'' tall and my partner (a very much less 
    experienced dancer) was about 5'4'' tall-slight adjustments in the beginning 
    made it work out well enough ;-}. The only disapproval seems to come from the 
    G***'s Aunties ( of either sex).
    The biggest problem seems to be that males don't dance on the complementary 
    side often enough so in complicated figures or "set melt downs"(not that we 
    EVER have those!!!!!) we tend to head for the men's side to sort things out 
    .This leads to attempts to break fundamental laws of physics!!!
    Kirk Bachler
    Twin Cities Branch,Minnesota,USA,RSCDS
    We have met the enemy and he is us.

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