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  • ron.mackey

    ron.mackey Oct. 14, 2001, 2:52 a.m. (Message 27880)

    Re: Malcolm's Vision

    > PS
    > I have a vision of men lining up down one side of the room in single file,
    > with women on the other side. When the next dance is announced the bottom
    > man takes the bottom lady up to the top of the room and so on, so that it is
    > only when they meet that they find out who their partner is! Providing their
    > are slightly different numbers of men and women you should always get a
    > different partner - if there were more people present than could fit on the
    > dance floor then those not dancing would be next in line for the next
    > dance - as well as ensuring different partners it would mean people dancing
    > in different parts of the room; With multiple lines the first couple would
    > go to the top of one line / the next couple to the top of the next and so
    > on. If people wanted a rest they would just not join the line. I'm not too
    > clear whether we would a) let women join the men's line or b) let them
    > change sex during the evening if we did? I can see problems in making it
    > work, but I wonder if they are insurmountable.
    		Following Malcolm's letter and the humorous letters re certain 
    Australian gentlemen a connection was made in my memory.
      I wish to assure my readers that there is no ill intent in this 
    story and it is absolutely true !!
    	In the very early 50's I used to attend a local church club where we 
    played table-tennis and did a little social dancing. In fact it is 
    the place where, on a certain Friday, I did my first SCD. However, 
    one of the regular attenders was a very nice, quiet, well-mannered 
    Irishman who dropped a bombshell one night when he announced that he 
    was moving out to Australia to work on the railway.
    	He went, and after about nine months we got our first letter from 
    him. He explained that after about three months training he had been 
    sent out to a small town where he had spent some time settling in. 
    	Just prior to writing the letter he felt he knew the ropes well 
    enough to attend the fortnightly dance.   He described the hall as 
    having cloakrooms on either side of the entry, beyond those was a 
    kitchen on one side and a bar on the other both opening into the main 
    hall.	The band was at the far end and the ladies sat in a row at that 
    end while the men lined up near the bar with their pints close to 
    hand. When the next dance was announced, all the men marched down the 
    room and claimed a partner.
       After watching for a while and having caused some consternation by 
    asking for a half pint of beer ( ! ) he thought he would take the 
    plunge.  	He selected a lady who seemed a nice dancer (he was very 
    good) he had his first dance and then escorted the lady back to her 
    seat, said 'thank you' and turned to rejoin the men.
    	What an error.   The thing to do was to abandon your partner on 
    the last chord and head back to the important part of the evening - 
    the beer. All the men were standing with their jaws dropped and eyes 
    popping and beer half way hoisted while he red-facedly made his 
    lonely way back up the hall.
    	As he said, in the language of the day, 'they must have thought I 
    was some kind of poofter!'
       	Ring any bells Mates? :)
    	I'm sure it is the kind of thing that never happened at SCD dances 
    there or anywhere else?  Or will someone prove me wrong?? :)
    Cheers,  Ron   :)
     < 0   Ron Mackey,(Purveyor of Pat's Party Pieces)
      'O>  Mottingham, 
      /#\  London. UK.

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