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  • Hollis Easter

    Hollis Easter Oct. 13, 2001, 9:51 p.m. (Message 27877)

    Re: Pre-Booking

    On Sat, 13 Oct 2001, Eric Ferguson wrote:
    > ladies pair off in twos?  I have yet to see any men joining a set as 
    > a two-man couple !
    This seems to be socially questionable, at least in the United States. It
    happens to me most often if I've gone off to get a drink of water and
    returned after the mass partner-choosing.
    At any rate, I've always gotten strange looks (and usually some
    disapproving ones) for doing this, which strikes me as a little bit sad. I
    don't think there's any method for avoiding it, though--dancers will
    disapprove according to their own values, and I have _no_ idea how to get
    that to stop :).
    Maybe they just don't like it because it messes up their internal dance
    patterning to see a 180-lb 5'11" gentleman dancing as a lady.
    My mother wants grandchildren, so I said, "Mom, go for it!"
                    -- Sue Murphy

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