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  • Rosemary Coupe

    Rosemary Coupe Oct. 13, 2001, 3:31 a.m. (Message 27870)

    Re: Australian Ladies

    > (Hays) Australian Ladies was written on 29th June 1966, but the dance was
    > published until 1994, after Alec Hays death, thus it is not as well known.
    > Bob Campbells was written in May 1967, and was published in 1976.   The
    > dances are completely different.   Hays instructions recommend the Music
    > Gordons" by Stan Hamilton and "The Flying Scotsman" in R.C.A. victor
    > 3404.   The dance is named for the tune Australian Ladies used in the
    > recording.
    > Keith Napier
    > Sydney Australia
    Interesting that Alec Hay's dance, the less familiar of the two, was
    actually written first (by a matter of months) and was probably not known to
    Bob Campbell. I wonder who the original "Australian Ladies" in William
    Fergusson's pipe march were. Does anyone have information on Fergusson? His
    work was still in copyright when "Glasgow Assembly" was published, as Bob
    Campbell acknowledges the permission of Fergusson's estate to reprint the
    Rosemary Coupe

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