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  • Marjorie McLaughlin

    Marjorie McLaughlin Oct. 13, 2001, 12:09 a.m. (Message 27868)

    Re: Australian Ladies

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    Subject: Re: Australian Ladies
    > Thank goodness there is some real evidence that the dance has been
    > A few years ago somebody relied on my instructions, which involved "Rights
    > and Lefts", only to be confused when everyone insisted on giving right
    > Of course when I checked with the published instructions I thought I had
    > just made another mistake.
    As with many of us, this thread sent me back to my files and I can offer a
    just a little more evidence that the dance was changed from its original
    version. Among the dance treasures I inherited from my father is a
    collection of letters, notes and dance drafts sent to him by Bob Campbell.
    It's frustrating for the librarian in me that many of them are undated, but
    I value them nonetheless.
    I have a copy of The Australian Ladies that must have been from the original
    Geneva Park Dances - Part 2 as there is a "No. 5" on the upper left of the
    sheet.  The pagination in the Glasgow Assembly book published in 1976 is
    Particular to this discussion are some penciled notes on the sheet which
    say, above bars 17-32, "represents slight change from the old version", and
    at the bottom an asterisk "*used to be left hand, but right is better". On
    the back of the sheet he says "Tom, Not sure whether you had this full,
    updated description. It's clearer than the abbreviation in the programme.
    Would you let the other good Cleveland people know if you teach it?  In
    Haste, Bob".
    I've only danced it using the rights hands all round version and never
    really paid attention to this until now. It was fun to go back and re-read
    the comments on this and a number of other dances such as the draft of
    Bonnie Stronshiray. I think that the TAC archives will have to have these
    Marjorie McLaughlin
    San Diego, CA

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