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  • Oberdan Otto

    Oberdan Otto Oct. 12, 2001, 9:51 p.m. (Message 27866)

    Re: Laptop for music playback (Long)

    Hi Patty,
    It has been a while since you made your fantastic post, but it has 
    taken me this long to get my act together. I have followed your 
    example and acquired Winamp with Pacemaker and just yesterday got my 
    MouseRemote and set it up with Max10.
    I was hoping you could teach me how to program Pacemaker, because I 
    wasn't able to figure that out.
    I was also wondering if you would be interested in sharing 
    out-of-print music tracks. I have oodles of it, some of it good 
    quality and some not-so-good. I have a lot of original vinyl, but 
    some of the tracks are damaged (i.e. they are scratched and skip so 
    badly that even with the computer I can't repair them). Some of the 
    music I have captured has no original vinyl and comes off of very old 
    cassettes. The sound is muddy, but better than nothing. It would be 
    nice to find un-muddy versions of those tracks.
    The sharing method I had in mind was mp3s on Data CD-Rs via snail 
    mail. I have only a modem connection so email of even one mp3 is a 
    big deal (but it might be worth it for a very special track, e.g. 
    Jimmy Shand playing Mairi's Wedding).
    As for online sharing, I was wondering if a service like Napster 
    might work for us and our colleagues. Have you tried it?
    Cheers, Oberdan.
    184 Estaban Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010-1611 USA
    Voice: (805) 389-0063, FAX: (805) 484-2775, email:

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