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  • mlbrown

    mlbrown Oct. 12, 2001, 6:52 p.m. (Message 27863)

    Re: Australian Ladies

    Keith wrote:
    > I remember first learning this dance, with the second and third couples
    > dancing rights and lefts with setting in bars 17 to 32, whereas in the
    > Glasgow Assembly book when published the second and third couples cross
    > the right hands each time.  In my archives I have a typewritten copy of
    > dance, source unidentified, in which the second and third couples dance
    > rights and lefts.
    Thank goodness there is some real evidence that the dance has been changed!
    A few years ago somebody relied on my instructions, which involved "Rights
    and Lefts", only to be confused when everyone insisted on giving right hand.
    Of course when I checked with the published instructions I thought I had
    just made another mistake.
    Since the correspondence started I had a look in my first note book, which
    at one time was one of the few sources I had of dance instructions - (how
    times have changed!),  - back at the time when I learnt the dance in York,
    during the 60s, I wrote down that it was Rights and Lefts with setting.
    It just goes to show the problems that are caused by revising dances!
    Just out of interest, has anyone who is thinking of teaching / dancing
    Euan's Jig (Book 28) noticed the amendment made in the Manual? (Not that it
    makes the dance much better!)

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