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  • Jack Pollock

    Jack Pollock Oct. 12, 2001, 7:05 a.m. (Message 27851)

    Hullachan Pro Ladies' Pumps

    Sally just got a pair of these recently introduced shoes, and we're both
    quite impressed with the quality, comfort, and construction.  She doesn't
    normally like pumps, but these are pretty neat.  They're built much like the
    Hullachan ghillies, with darts sewn into the arch, and a very effective
    cushioning pad inside the forefoot, but look like normal pumps with an
    elastic drawstring around the top.  There's also a small suede heel pad on
    the outside, as well as an additional cushioning pad inside the heel.
    Sally's are black, but they come in colors.  The upper leather is very nice,
    and, unlike the ghillies, there is a mesh fabric lining, which I suspect
    also prevents stretching.  Cost is about $55 US, and there is a US/Canada
    distributor, Hullachan Pro North America,
    Warning!!  As with Hullichan Pro ghillies, don't expect these pumps to
    stretch AT ALL.  My advice is to try them on in the evening when your feet
    are about a big as they get, with whatever hose you will normally wear under
    them, and to move around on carpet to test the fit.  If they're not
    comfortable right out of the box, they never will be, so send them back for
    a different size.  They run small, so your US shoe size rather than your UK
    size will probably be a better fit.
    There are small black & gold size & width labels at the rear end of the
    sole, and the graphics will wear off almost immediately.  One you decide to
    keep them, peel off the labels and wash off any adhesive residue with
    Acetone or nail polish remover.  They're hard to remove once danced on.  The
    thick, soft, black suede soles are the same as on the ghillies, and seem to
    grip a bit better than James Senior soles.
    Jack Pollock
    Waynesville, North Carolina, USA

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