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  • Norah Link

    Norah Link Oct. 11, 2001, 8:48 p.m. (Message 27850)

    RE: Toronto Workshop -useful transportation links

    I am sending this to the list in case anyone else out there in dance
    cyberspace is planning a trip to Toronto in the future and would like to
    tuck this information away:
    Toronto Transit Commissino home site:
    Ride guide: - unfortunately for
    27.5" x 20" paper!!!
    Schedules: - includes
    selected printable (i.e. 8.5" x 11") pdf files
    Route changes:
    Personally, I think the MONTREAL transit site has a better layout ;^) -
    easier to navigate & to get the information, as well as a query database for
    how to get from point A to point B.  It can be found at:
    And just to keep this about SCD, the next social in Montreal will be held at
    Victoria Hall on Saturday, December 1st.  Programme & details will be posted
    on the Montreal website this weekend - see
    Happy navigating on the street, and on the dance floor!
    Norah Link
    Montreal, QC, Canada
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    > From: Donald S. Sarna []
    > Sent: October 11, 2001 2:04 PM
    > To:
    > Subject: Toronto Workshop
    > Hello.   Is anyone from Toronto coming to the Hamilton workshop this
    > weekend?  If so, could you please bring me a copy of the 
    > "Ride Guide" (to
    > Toronto's public transportation)?    We are planning on going 
    > to the Toronto
    > workshop, and meeting friends (non-dancers) for lunch or 
    > dinner one day.
    > We are staying at two different hotels, and I need a 
    > transportation guide
    > for planning purposes, and of course, can't get one here in 
    > the states.
    > Thank you in advance!    See you Friday night.
    > Margaret Sarna, Troy, Michigan 

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