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  • Martin.Sheffield

    Martin.Sheffield Oct. 11, 2001, 9:25 a.m. (Message 27848)

    Re: hiring/un-hiring a band...

    Alan wrote:
    >There is only one band which will come
    >to Switzerland - 
    > They happen also to be one of the best bands I have ever experienced, 
    > If you're interested, initials are SC
    Covert advertizing !!!
    Are you taking advantage of Anselm's announced holiday to place an advert
    for a certain St Andrews Night dance?
    Well, why not?  It would be a pity of anyone missed a chanced to dance to
    the S...d C.....y, would it not?  A pity to miss hearing and seeing a group
    who so blatantly and unashamedly show how much they enjoy making music.
     in Grenoble, France.

                  (dance groups,  events,  some new dances ...)

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