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  • Tim Harrison

    Tim Harrison Oct. 10, 2001, 10:31 p.m. (Message 27843)

    Re: Events next spring, fall?

    The Inter-city Scot Online <>, would be
    a good place to look for SCD events. Most US and Canada SCD groups
    list their events on the ICS. It'll be difficult to get information
    about events after August. Most groups make decisions during the
    summer about when events will occur during the next year (Sep-Aug).
    Or, at least, that's when the The Inter-city Scot gets informed about
    You might also want to look at the events scheduled for September and
    October of this year to get an idea what events might be announced.
    -- Tim Harrison
    -- Austin, TX, USA
    At 12:09 PM 10/10/01, you wrote:
    >Am starting to plan a trip to the northeast US, for sometime from May
    >through October of next year. Would love to get whatever dates are
    >available for weekends, games, or special dances for:
    >New York City/Danbury Connecticut (grew up in the east, the state was a
    >spelling bee regular)
    >Northern New Jersey
    >Washington D.C. 
    >North Carolina
    >Would like to hear about English Country and contra dancing as well as
    >Scottish Country. I hear New England Contra is not like the west coast
    >variety . . . .
    >Many thanks - 
    >Miriam Mueller, San Francisco

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