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  • T L Harris

    T L Harris Oct. 10, 2001, 12:30 p.m. (Message 27834)

    Defining Calling (Re: Cribs)

    >>> xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx 09/10/01 17:14 >>>
    >What do you mean by calling?  What do other people understand by the 
    term calling.
    Hi All,
    I hesitated before using the term "called" in my message, as I
    wondered if it would be understood in the same terms by all.
    As Adam rightly noted, what we here in SA mean by "calling" is that
    "the MC gives a brief description or summary of the dance before the
    music starts", ie reads out the instructions for the dance - what I
    gather others term "briefing".
    Sorry for not being more specific before.
    Terry Lynne Harris
    Pretoria, South Africa

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