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  • Catherine

    Catherine Oct. 10, 2001, 10 a.m. (Message 27832)

    Re: Request for written instructions for Australian Ladies

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    Subject: Request for written instructions for Australian Ladies
    > it be possible for you to email me a copy of the instructions for the
    > Alex Hay version, or tell me where I might find them on the internet
    > (or a book title if published in book form). Also, is one version
    > more popular (or more widely performed) than the other?
    > With thanks,
    > Dennis Roddy
    This dance is contained in Book One of 20 SCDances by Alec Hay (We have
    published 5 book so far.) It can be purchased at Tacbooks, NZ Branch
    bookshop, or through the Howick SCD  Club, Auckland NZ. The person handling
    the books for the Club has changed from Rosemary Muldoon to Joan Clark. Her
    email address is xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxx.xx.xx.  I recommend Hay's Australian
    Ladies. As with all his dances it is great fun.
    Catherine Linnen
    Howick Scottish Country Dance Club, Auckland , NZ

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