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  • Nancy Lorimer

    Nancy Lorimer Oct. 9, 2001, 6:40 p.m. (Message 27830)

    Re: Protocol/ethis for hiring/un-hiring a band...

    I usually lurk on this list, but I feel very strongly about this.
    A band can be booked tentatively for an occasion with an agreement on both 
    sides to confirm or withdraw by a certain date. In such a case, it would be 
    okay to unbook them in favor of another group as long as it is by that 
    date. Otherwise, unhiring a band in favor of one with greater name 
    recognition  seems to me to be demeaning and unethical. Legal 
    considerations aside (a booking is a contract), such an action is unlikely 
    to benefit a dance group in the long run. The unhired group will likely 
    think twice about booking with the organization again after being treated 
    in such a manner. It is also quite possible that the chosen group, on 
    learning they have been put in the awkward position of putting other 
    musicians out of a job, will also be more cautious in future. To place it 
    all in another perspective--if a dance group booked a band for a weekend 
    workshop and the band then cancelled in favor of a gig that was 
    better-paying, would the group book them again?
    I admit all my own experience playing as a freelance musician was not in 
    this country and in classical music, where a group carrying out such a 
    change would still have to pay me the full fee. But a colleague with 
    freelance experience here immediately said that if such a thing happened to 
    him, he would not work with that group again if he had understood the 
    booking to be a confirmed one. SCD musicians may work more informally, and 
    may be quite accommodating in schedule changes, etc., but there is still 
    the matter of basic respect for your musicians (and fellow SCD enthusiasts) 
    who are an important part of the SCD community.
    Nancy Lorimer
    Mountain View, CA
    At 10:13 AM 10/9/2001 -0400, Marilynn Knight wrote:
    >How common is it to book a band and then bump them for another with the
    >reason given that original band doesn't have enough name recognition?  Do we
    >as committees have an ethics standard to uphold?  What kind of oversight is
    >there?  How does preferred band deal if/when the action is known?
    >I'm sure there may be a separate group online that know/discuss such
    >matters, but, as dancers/groups scheduling, I feel we need to treat our
    >musicians with utmost respect and encouragement.  Ignorance of musicians'
    >feelings/schedules can be very damaging all around.  To treat a local group
    >of musicians badly, one that is loyal, extremely competent, in favor of
    >another with name recognition can be very counter-productive.  How many
    >dancers would boycott such a dance week end if they knew of the
    >The analogy might be to form a demo group of local dancers, but, then, bump
    >them for others from away.  How much good will does that create?

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