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  • rabrown

    rabrown Oct. 9, 2001, 11:12 p.m. (Message 27825)

    Re: Pre-Booking (was Cribs)

         A couple of years ago I was the one male who accompanied 3 or 4 local
    dance lady friends to a far out of town tea dance, so it was somewhat
    expected that I would at least dance with each of them in the afternoon,
    and during intermission we arranged for that.  Alas, that ended up booking
    the last 4 dances of the day.  Imagine my emrbarrassment when a lovely
    young lady with the hosting group asked me to dance toward the end of the
    program, and I had to decline for all the remaining dances of the day.  She
    was rightfully miffed.
         So now I have a new policy which I share with anyone I book a dance
    with (other than the first and last for my favorite lady of course):  Yes
    let's book a dance, and yes let's look for each other during the prior
    dance, and yes let's try to get over to one another for the dance, BUT.. if
    anyone stops us in between and asks for a dance before we can hook up, then
    we accept, and thus avoid appearing rude or hurting someone's feelings.
    Everyone I've used this caveat with has accepted it and thought it made
    sense.  My significant other and I also use this approach for mid program
    dances we have hoped to do together; we feel this especially important as
    there are usually more women than men present, and she does not want to say
    no to and potentially alienate a male requester who probably has many more
    opportunities available to dance with the opposite sex than she.
         And yes I admit to having been seen at times scurrying across the
    dance floor determinedly with my head down and eyes averted.
    Richard Brown
    Conklin, NY

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