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  • Strathspey

    Strathspey Oct. 9, 2001, 5:14 p.m. (Message 27823)

    RE: Protocol/ethis for hiring/un-hiring a band...

    I think that it should be looked at as two questions. Firstly if a specific
    event/date has been booked and secondly if a band has always played at a
    given annual function.
    In the first instance, the situation looks clear. A contract, be it verbal
    or written, has been entered into by the organiser who has booked the band.
    In the event of cancelling that booking some compensation should be
    offered - or more properly the band should be approached to determine what
    recompense the band would consider accepting to break the contract - a
    cancellation fee in fact. Speaking for my band that would depend upon a
    number of factors, what the reason is, how long in advance the booking was
    cancelled and whether any alternative bookings had to be turned down because
    of the original commitment. In the circumstances as described below I would
    take the view that this was unreasonable and to request the full fee unless
    a replacement booking could be obtained. I would almost certainly not
    consider taking further bookings from that society.
    The second instance is more a question of individual ethics and politeness.
    No band has the right to expect the same booking year after year but if we
    had done the same function for a number of years it would be nice if the
    society would inform us in advance if they intended to book someone else for
    a future year. There is a reverse responsibility on the band as well - to
    look at which functions have been regular over the last few years and not
    accept a different booking without checking that we were not required by our
    regular patrons first.
    Finally we would not consider taking any booking at the expense of a band
    that were already booked for that specific function. This would, in our
    opinion, be highly unethical.
    Having said all that I cannot think of a single incident where this has had
    to be considered. There have been a number of cancellations over the years
    and probably the majority have not had to pay a cancellation fee as
    functions tend to be cancelled only in VERY serious circumstances.
    Graham Hamilton
    The Craigellachie Band
    (Southern England)
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    Subject: Protocol/ethis for hiring/un-hiring a band...
    How common is it to book a band and then bump them for another with the
    reason given that original band doesn't have enough name recognition?  Do we
    as committees have an ethics standard to uphold?  What kind of oversight is
    there?  How does preferred band deal if/when the action is known?
    I'm sure there may be a separate group online that know/discuss such
    matters, but, as dancers/groups scheduling, I feel we need to treat our
    musicians with utmost respect and encouragement.  Ignorance of musicians'
    feelings/schedules can be very damaging all around.  To treat a local group
    of musicians badly, one that is loyal, extremely competent, in favor of
    another with name recognition can be very counter-productive.  How many
    dancers would boycott such a dance week end if they knew of the
    The analogy might be to form a demo group of local dancers, but, then, bump
    them for others from away.  How much good will does that create?

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