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  • Fyreladdie

    Fyreladdie Oct. 9, 2001, 4:32 p.m. (Message 27820)

    Re: Protocol/ethis for hiring/un-hiring a band...

        Interesting subject! I think a lot would have to do with the timing of 
    the hiring. If a local band was preparing for a dance for weeks, it would be 
    unkind and disgraceful to un-hire them. It's somewhat a kin to breaking a 
    date with a person in favor of a more appealing lass or lad. Musicians do 
    need more respect than that. They generally don't get paid much and spend 
    many hours preparing for their job. Our branch is well aware of the 
    importance of our musicians. They never end a set without a round of sincere 
        I don't think I would boycott a dance but surely, the parties that be, 
    would hear  displeasure at their lack of ethics. We are fortunate in the San 
    Francisco Branch to have many top rated musicians. I believe that this 
    problem would never arise. Happy dancing all.
    Bob Mc Murtry
    Felton, Calif

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