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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister Oct. 9, 2001, 3:34 p.m. (Message 27816)

    Re: Give credit to Devisers

    Agreed devisors should receive credit however bear in mind that the
    value of Pillings is that it goes easily in a sporran (or handbag).
    I would prefer it stayed small and legible.  That way there is more
    likelihood that the dances will be done.
    If programmes list the devisors then that should be adequate.
    However what about the poor composers of the music.  Shouldn't they get
    a mention too.  Its easy enough to ask the band to list the tunes they
    intend to play as for country dancing there isn't likely to be any
    As a rider to this for a recent Ceilidh in the Assembly Rooms in
    Edinburgh we were passed a schedule and required to name every tune -
    composer and arranger - that we intended to play for purposes of
    Performing Rights. On objecting we were told no schedule no dance.
    The result, given we make our programmes as we go to fit the dancers,
    was a very long list of tunes, most identified as traditional, all
    identified as arranged by Caerketton the name of the band. With a rider
    that we couldn't guarantee to play them in any specific order, number of
    times etc. etc.  We are waiting with interest for November which is when
    such matters are considered, to see the royalties we got from the Gig.
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