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  • T L Harris

    T L Harris Oct. 9, 2001, 2:24 p.m. (Message 27814)

    Re: Cribs

    >>> xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx 08/10/01 15:29 >>>
    Richard Goss wrote:
    >  8- 9: Program listing and spaces for partner's names
    <strangling noise>  Please tell me that the most archaic and elitist 
    custom of booking dances ahead is dying out elsewhere too.
    Hi All,
    When I started SCD 5 years ago, I was told of the practice of booking
    dances at balls. As a newcomer, I felt somewhat intimidated by the
    idea. In those 5 years, however, I haven't been to a ball or social
    where booking was the norm, thank goodness. I do indulge in a very
    limited amount of booking now and again, usually for sentimental
    reasons. Others in the Club do so as well, for certain special dances.
    But it's certainly not the norm.
    Terry Lynne Harris
    Pretoria, South Africa

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