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  • res009k3

    res009k3 Oct. 9, 2001, 2:35 a.m. (Message 27808)

    Re: Re: Cribs

    Responding to further up the thread.
    I have always felt that it takes an elitiest to call a practice elitist.
    The provided space will be used or not whether provided or not by
    those who wish to pre-book dance partners.
    It has always happened in one way or another from elitist balls that
    are really dances to someone saying ...
    Hey, Mary save me a dance.
    Sure, how about ....
    See you then.
    Strange that it is often an elitist who uses the term elitist refering
    to a different elete.
    The way I see it (and the practice has never bothered me one way or
    another), if you do not like the practice, the next time someone says,
    save dance number 16 for me, respond with, "Sorry, I don't pre-book,
    but if you ask me after dance 15, I'll dance with you if I am free."
    If you do not like the practice because you come late and get left
    out, come earlier with your pencil sharpened.
    I do agree that some get a little carried away with the practice. I
    have been to out of town weekends where there are "mini-mixers"
    between dinner and ball, and if one is not careful, ones evening is
    planned before it begins.
    At the same time, I do like to dance with special people, and the
    program is a good place to remind myself that I have reserved some
    dances for them. In my experience, I have always kept my booked dances
    to less than half the program.

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