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  • droddy

    droddy Oct. 8, 2001, 9:26 p.m. (Message 27802)

    Request for written instructions for Australian Ladies

    I belong to a SCD group in Thunder Bay, we would like to add 
    Australian Ladies to our repertoire, and I am trying to obtain a 
    copy of the written instructions for this dance. Dr. James Smith (in 
    Vancouver) kindly sent me the version devised by Robert M Campbell, 
    and mentioned that there is another version by Alex Hay. I tried to 
    find a copy of this on the Strathspey site but could only find very 
    general and brief details, not instructions for dance itself. Would 
    it be possible for you to email me a copy of the instructions for the 
    Alex Hay version, or tell me where I might find them on the internet 
    (or a book title if published in book form). Also, is one version 
    more popular (or more widely performed) than the other?
    With thanks,
    Dennis Roddy

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