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  • Fyreladdie

    Fyreladdie Oct. 9, 2001, 1:47 a.m. (Message 27800)

    Re: Booking Ahead...

    In a message dated 10/8/01 11:05:49 AM, writes:
    << It amazes me when this is blatant, especially when it seems dancers at an
    away dance book ahead to dance with their own area dancers.  It's so much
    fun to dance with new dancers, IMO. >>
        I have to agree about all this pre-booking dances. When I travel, I enjoy 
    the company of many new faces and dancers. It is disappointing to ask a new 
    person, only to hear they have been booked already. At one workshop, which I 
    will not mention, I had to sit out 3 dances because I could not get a 
    partner. It's strange as I always have had to hide otherwise, to avoid 
    getting asked. 
        I am guilty of some pre-booking but it is usually with my students who 
    have never danced at a ball or other social function. "Paying my dues" is not 
    a chore, however. But I do leave my card free for new people whenever I can.
    Bob Mc Murtry
    Felton, Calif

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