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  • Brian Charlton

    Brian Charlton Oct. 9, 2001, 1:34 a.m. (Message 27799)

    RE: Jack O'Carron

    The original instructions say:
    First lady with second couple, first gentleman with fourth couple, slip
    three hands halfway round moving anticlockwise .....
    There is no substitute for the original!!
    Brian Charlton,
    Sydney, Australia.
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    From: M Quinton [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx]
    Sent: Tuesday, 9 October 2001 8:17 AM
    Subject: Jack O'Carron
    Can anyone clear up a query on bars 21-22 in Jack O'Carron?   I have two
    sets of instructions -one gives the two circles of three dancing to the
    right ie.anti- clockwise , and the other to the left (clockwise). The first
    would appear to be better as one would start with the right foot, which is
    free after the setting, but I have usually found at dances that people go to
    the left. As I have to teach it this week I would like to teach the correct
    Deal UK

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