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  • ron.mackey

    ron.mackey Oct. 9, 2001, 1:59 a.m. (Message 27797)

    Re: Pre-Booking (was Cribs)

    > One practice that complicates this approach that I wish masters of 
    > ceremonies would not do is have a grand march lead right into the 
    > first dance of the program.  This locks everyone into dancing the 
    > first dance with their grand march partner, usually one's significant 
    > other.  I much prefer a grand march that ends with applause for the 
    > musicians, a clearing of the floor, then a call to form sets for the 
    > first dance.
    		When I started, a Grand March could start either the first or/and 
    the second half of the programme.  It always led into squares for The 
    Eightsome Reel.  That's why we came up for the last time in eights so 
    that although one could choose a partner you couldn't dance as a 
    regular group but had to take pot luck.  This meant that, if you were 
    first man one danced a quiet and modest highland step in the middle.  
    If anything too flashy was tried the odds were you would find the 
    next man was a competition winner!! Result, one red face.
    Happy Dancing
    Cheers  :)
    Ron Mackey.  London Branch

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