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  • Marjorie McLaughlin

    Marjorie McLaughlin Oct. 9, 2001, 12:47 a.m. (Message 27796)

    Re: Jack O'Carron

    The instructions that appear in Volume II of the Imperial Book are:
    "21-24  First lady with second couple, first gentleman with fourth couple,
    slip three hands halfway round moving anti-clockwise and open out into two
    lines across the dance . . ."
    It is easier to move to the right after the pas de basque, but I suppose the
    movement you've observed is because our instinct with circles is to begin to
    the left. This is one case where differences of opinion in execution of the
    movement, or differences in what one has been taught could cause problems.
    Good luck,
    Marjorie McLaughlin
    San Diego, CA
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    Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 3:16 PM
    Subject: Jack O'Carron
    > Can anyone clear up a query on bars 21-22 in Jack O'Carron?   I have two
    > sets of instructions -one gives the two circles of three dancing to the
    > right ie.anti- clockwise , and the other to the left (clockwise). The
    > would appear to be better as one would start with the right foot, which is
    > free after the setting, but I have usually found at dances that people go
    > the left. As I have to teach it this week I would like to teach the
    > version.
    > Thanks
    > Mary
    > Deal UK

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