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  • David Grubb

    David Grubb Oct. 8, 2001, 4:27 p.m. (Message 27785)

    Re: Cribs

    Adam Hughes wrote:
    >Richard Goss wrote:
    >>  8- 9: Program listing and spaces for partner's names
    ><strangling noise>  Please tell me that the most archaic and elitist
    custom of booking dances ahead is dying out elsewhere too.  A 19 year
    old friend of mine arrived 15 minutes late for her home club's ball
    last year, which resulted in her dancing 4 dances of 20 in the
    evening, all with her mother.  But they all want more young people in
    their club...
    Please say which club it was, I want to make sure I never go there!

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