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  • maguy paillet

    maguy paillet Oct. 8, 2001, 3:17 p.m. (Message 27781)

    Re: Give credit to Devisers

    I agree with Eric Ferguson, being myself an artist-painter.
    About devisor, why only 4 of them are mentioned (DREWRY, FOSS, COSH, HAYNES)
    there is enough space to print the name of the devisor. Have a look in your 
    wee green book. Let's ask the printer for the next edition ?
    >From: "Eric Ferguson" <x.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx>
    >Reply-To: x.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx
    >Subject: Give credit to Devisers
    >Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 14:37:48 +0200
    >On 7 Oct 2001, at 22:24, Oberdan Otto wrote:
    > > I most wholeheartedly agree. The Wee Green Book is a wonderful
    > > product at a most reasonable price. <...>
    > > However stories about Pillings heirs taking hard positions on
    > > copyright infringement of the contents of their book are a bit much to
    > > bear, considering that neither they nor the original Mr. Pillings
    > > sought permission from the creators of all those dances to include
    > > them in the book. <...>
    >Far worse: no Pilling diagrams carry the deviser's name.  Whatever
    >the legal position may be, it is ethically unacceptable to cite or
    >describe any work of art in any form without giving credit to its
    >creator.  Just fancy doing that for a play, a book, a painting, a
    >sculpture, a piece of music !  Depriving a deviser of credit for his
    >creation does him far more harm than would an illegal copy which
    >might cause some small loss of sales.
    >We can understand how this improper habit arose: the original (R)SCDS
    >booklets contained "traditional" dances only, with no known deviser.
    >But ever since the Reel of the 51st Division new devisers have added
    >beautiful dances to our repertoire.  There is no excuse for denying
    >them the credit for their creations.  All descriptions, cribs and
    >Ball programmes should ALWAYS mention the deviser for every dance.
    >Happy dancing,
    >Eric T. Ferguson, van Dormaalstraat 15, NL-5624 KH  EINDHOVEN, Netherlands
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